Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Major Ship Fail - Gilt

So, I have 3 packages arriving Wednesday from Gilt. They were all purchased on separate days, and therefore, I paid separate shipping on all of them. 

That means for almost 30$!!! my UPS guy has to carry a whopping 2 more small packages, instead of the usual one for a lower, more reasonable shipping rate.

I know you guys aren't Amazon or anything but seriously, this has me super pissed. I bought 3 things off Amazon on 2 different days, and not only did I NOT get charged for the extra shipping (gotta love supersaver!), but I also received my items in ONE box.

So, they saved themselves on shipping and packaging, and paid probably less than a third of what you did to get my items to me. Oh yeah, plus they didn't piss me off...

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